Warriors Bikers love Lola Star!

You never know what to expect when you arrive in Coney Island!  Today we arrived at 9 am and found a Warriors bike racer strung up in a make shift hammock, passed out across our doorway!  He was a part of the Warriors bike race that started in the Bronx at 2 Am and ended at dawn on the boardwalk! The racers had to complete a list of challenges like kissing a stranger, getting a tattoo,standing on a cab holding a pineapple and sitting in the back of a cop car! They quickly became BFF’s with our longtime customer Gail who was out on her early stroll from seagate on the boardwalk. Gale owns a gorgeous home on the ocean and invited her new punk rocker friends to stay in a tent in her backyard next time they’re in NYC! All this happened before 10 Am! Yay Coney Island!