VOTE for your Favorite Theme Party Idea!

Dreamland Roller Rink has some amazing surprises in store for you for the 2010 skate season!  We will be announcing our line up of incredible parties and events very soon!

But Before we do, we are giving you the opportunity to live out your wildest dress up fantasy on roller skates!  That’s right!  This is your opportunity to SUGGEST your own skate party theme and VOTE for which theme parties we host at Dreamalnd Roller Rink!

Below you will find some suggestions my fabulous Facebook and Twitter friends have already submitted!

Diana Shumate
Alphabet Theme
Mustache& wig party
Sci Fi night
Under the water party – Coney in 1930

Donna Hughes
A patriotic theme everything USA To show pride it the Red, White and Blue!

Qiana Tara
Old Hollywood Movie Stars or Jazz Musician theme!!

Gary Contessa
Clash of the Greek Mythology Party, it would be kick ass to see Medusa Skating around!

Robin Dann
Zombie night
20’s night
“Jazz Age Night,”

Brian Kramer
Rocky horror nite

Rik Rocket
Medieval Times nite

Giovanna Carrola
classic female villains

Buck Ralphie
superhero night
mobster night
hanna barbera night

Ishmael C. Alvarado
“Starlight Express” night

Rik Rocket
“Xanadu” nite·

Leslie De Jesus
80s new wave night,
David Bowie Skate Party
pop divas skate night (Mariah, Cher, Whitney, etc)
Zoolander Model Skate off
Aerosmith Skate Tribute Party
Joan Jett and Ladies of Rock Skate Night
Lady Gaga Skate Tribute!!!!

Annie Cherry

Jo Weldon
1970s key party!

Little Brooklyn
beach blanket bingo bikini on wheels or a la sesame street

Carmela Mungo Fiorica
How about a GREASE theme

Jo Weldon
Big Wigs. A bunch of people skating around with huge hair.

Chelsea Peluso
Out-there bathing wear! Make or alter your suits in outlandish ways!
Tiki gods!

Norman Blake
Pirate Night, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg
Circus theme have evryone come as clowns or other circus performers.

Coney Isle Cyclone
Coney Island Night, where people dress up as their fave sideshow freak or incorporate some element of their fave ride or attraction into their costume. Could be something as basic as a T-shirt or as elaborate as a customized costume

Robert Ross
how about Mother-In-Law Day?

Taylor Stein
Warriors skate night

Burgundy Brixx
“Hell on Wheels” Satan, demons and sinners skating to their lil’ black hearts’ content. Includes such favorites as zombies and haunted souls.

Robert Ross
Rock ‘n’ Roller NITE!! Yeah baby !!!

Nuno Santos
Jersey Shore theme night (Ed Hardy shirts, boofy hair & a toxic amount of Axe spray),
Haunted Halloween Zombie Peeps in the Summer (celebrate the Dreamland Peeps factory heritage with a peeps halloween skate in the middle of the summer;),
Shimmer Fantasy Night (DYI Shimmer costume interpretations)
John Hughes Night
Dynasty skate (featuring a reenactment of the Crystal-Alexis fight…on skates)

Robert Ross
A Mid Summer Night’s Steam – dripping sweat, melted faces, flames, and charred flesh on wheels

Raja Azar
’90s night so I can spin all my Sir Mix-A-Lot records!

Tara Bridget Moseder

Kevin Rose
Luau! Aloha gear required..

Alan Ulrich
60,s surf .go go dancers, etc.

Natalie Kocsis
KISS night… or like, 80s Hair Metal! But Kiss would be good for costuming!
Ghostbusters Night
Fantasy night (or Labyrinth?) (aka… unicorns, princesses, elves, warriors, castles)
Girls Just Wanna Have fun (Cyndi Lauper night)
Tim Burton Night (come as any Tim Burton character)…

T Crafty
Candyland Theme

Robert Schneider
FlashBack. Pick any decade and go with it.

Wow!  Isn’t that the most incredible list of fabulously fun party ideas!  Submit yours ideas and vote for your favorites in the comment space below!

If we use your suggestion you will be the guest of honor at that particular theme party!  You will win FREE admission and skate rentals!  You will also be awarded with a FREE Lola Star tee shirt!  PLUS you will be able to indulge your soul and live out your favorite Dress Up Fantasy on Roller Skates!

Start dreaming up ideas today! And start gearing up for the fabulous  roller skating summer EVER at Dreamland Roller Rink!!  Winners will be announced next week!