Vote Every Day!

I hope you will vote on Tuesday. But even more so, I want to encourage you to Vote every day. With every decision you make. For the things you want to perpetuate in this world. Vote with every dollar you spend for the values,corporations & businesses you want to perpetuate. Vote with every decision you make & word you speak to end prejudice & ignorance. Because, above anything else this election has revealed serious holes in our culture…gaping, embarrassing holes of ignorance, prejudicing, hatred & fear. Whatever the outcome on Tues, it had left us with the knowledge that there is a serous need for all of us to embrace our power as individuals to vote with our money, decisions & actions. Our decisions can seem insignificant to the bigger picture. But if everyone embraced this power the world would be a different (hopefully less ignorant, hateful & prejudice) place! Vote Tuesday! But also Vote! Every day! From now on, with every decision you make for the values you want to perpetuate in this world.