Vote against cruelty! World vegan day!!!

VOTE! In this election and every day. I voted today for officials who will bring more truth, integrity, equality and freedom to this Country.  But in addition to this crucial election, in honor of World Vegan Day today, I urge you to consider voting every day. With one of the most powerful methods you hold within you. You vote with your money. With every purchase you make you are voting that business & their morals into existence. You vote, with every dollar you spend, for the things you want to perpetuate. In this crazy world, how you spend your money is one of your greatest powers. 

The moment I truly realized this truth, is the moment I became vegan almost 10 years ago. Because I will not votGoing vegan is best decision I’ve ever made. It’s not always easy. But I vote, with every dollar I spend, for a more compassionate world. One that values the lives of animals as well as our environment.  Not one that perpetuates the suffering of animals and harm to our environment!

And so, as we harness our individual and collective power to change the world for the better, I ask you to consider what kind of world you want to vote for. Both in this election and with every dollar you spend. 

I urge you to Vote on Tuesday (if you haven’t already) but also vote, every day, with every purchase you make, for love, equality and compassion for all living creatures & our planet. 

Happy World Vegan day!