Vass ❤ Stephanie

Coney Island Love Story……: I was raised in Brooklyn, NY. Along with my twin brother and older siblings, much of my childhood was spent in Coney Island. They were happier days indeed for all of us. It was also a regular outing for my parents even before we were a glitter in their eyes. That is why I chose it as the place to where I would propose to my girlfriend Stephanie.

Proposing to my girlfriend Stephanie in Coney Island is one thing. Actually picking a spot n Coney Island was another. There were so many romantic sections to choose from. The beach, sky tower, the various haunted houses (her fav spots), the board walk, Lola Star (where she always found an excuse to buy a t-shirt), the cyclone etc. I finally decided on the Wonder Wheel. I chose if for it’s timeless beauty, structure and stability.

The day I proposed to Stephanie was not without its follies. We planned our outing for a Sunday. I alerted her family and mine for planned festivities afterwords. Well, being Stephanie had no idea that I was proposing, she changed the day to a Saturday last second sending our plans into a frenzy. My family was insistent that I stuck to the original day, however, I was so excited and nervous, I wanted to get it over with. Besides, the more I tried fighting her on this, the more she started to suspect something.

So, fast foreword to that day, I slipped the conductor of the Wonder Wheel 5 dollars and asked him to hold Steph and I on the top for an extra few minutes. He did not want to take my money but I threw it at him. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. My hand was shaking and was afraid that i was going to drop the ring. I was not at all smooth that day. Clearly she knew something was up. So after calming down, and we were on the top, I popped the question. Steph laughably said yes. She thought it cute that i was so nervous about it. My reply was “Well, I must be pretty damn adorable right about now.”

That was 3 1/2 years ago. Steph and I are married now for over a year and very happy. We make it our business to make at least 2-3 outings to Coney Island every summer/fall, and ALWAYS ride the Wonder Wheel in where I come with alternate ways of popping the question. Only this time she says no.. 🙂