Two Year Old Fashion Photographer

This adorable little lady made my whole day on Sunday. She picked out glittering accessories in my shop with the precision and decisive determination of a budding fashionista with her retro styled digital camera strapped around her neck. So I said to this two year old “maybe one day you’ll be a fashion photographer and I can hire you to take photos of my designs.” To which, without hesitation, she responded, “I’ll take photos of your tees right now.” And proceeded to immediately start working seriously at photographing the shirts in my shop for quite some time. Her dad probably could have left her working on her fashion photography in my shop for the rest of the day. She was committed to her artistic vision far beyond that of any other two year old I’ve ever met! But off to the kiddie part they went. Here she is photographing the wonders of Coney Island with her Lola Star tee by her side! Thanks to her dad for this great photo!