Throwback to when we lost and got our shop back the first time!

Wow… the irony is incredible. Facebook reminded me that this is the 10 year anniversary of the day I returned to my shop after being kicked out for one year.

I opened my shop in 2001. But in 2009 Thor Equities kicked me out because of my Save Coney Island activism. They were attempting to rezone the amusement district to allow them to build condos and shopping malls. My Save Coney Island organization fought for the preservation of the amusement district. And so they kicked me out for a year. Then, the City of New York bought the land from Thor Equities and they allowed me to move back into my shop.

The City Promised to preserve the Spirit of Coney Island and brought in Luna Park to develop this City Owned land. Now, 10 years later, I am being forced out again. But this time by the very corporation that was brought in to help the City achieve their goal of preserving the Spirit on Coney Island. Ironically, on this 10 year anniversary of returning to my shop, I have a meeting to make another attempt at saving my shop.