The Prince of Mermaid Avenue

What are the odds that a vegan could love a butcher? Mr. Prince and I had a bond that could even overcome even those kind of impossible odds. I am so saddened to hear of the passing of my good friend and Coney Island legend, Jimmy Prince.

He was a true Coney Island treasure, spreading joy at his iconic butcher shop on Mermaid Ave. He inspired so many in the community with his radiating love, endless encouragement and steadfast support. I’m sure he brought Shimmer Star a bone as soon as he saw her in heaven. He always remembered to stop by my shop with gifts for Shimmer whenever he came to the boardwalk.

I have no doubt that his magic will shine down on us in Coney Island forever. RIP Mr. James Major Prince. Sending so much love to your family and all of the thousands in the Coney Island community who will miss you!