The Next P.T. Barnum Sells His Curiosities at Lola Star!

Charlie’s obsession with mermaids led him to discover the Lola Star Boutique when he was just four years old!  He has been a regular customer ever since! This is a photo of Charlie, from his younger days, modeling his favorite Mermaid Day tee at our Boardwalk Boutique:

Charlie began his research into the world of fantastical curiosities when he was a toddler. His love of mermaids broughgt him to the life transforming discovery of Coney Island and the legendary Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida! His exploration of these lands of enchantment inspired his new obsession with shrunken heads, Fiji Mermaids and other taxidermy creations!

Inspired by Coney Island visionaries like Takeshi Yamada (pictured above), Charlie began to craft his own oddities! Now, at the age of 12, this young oddity connoisseur and artist is selling his creations at Lola Star!

Be the very first collector have one of Charlie’s exquisite shrunken heads!  Available now at the Lola Star Soho Boutique!!!