The MET IS Open!

I visited the Metropolitan Museum of art and it’s PURE HEAVEN! It’s a dream come true to be able to visit without the usual crowds and tourists! They just reopened last weekend and are drastically limiting attendance. As an oil painting major in college I visited the Met often during school and after. This was, by far, the most wonderful visit I’ve ever had. The other visitors were all very respectful of each others experience (which is rare in Museums these days) and seemed like everyone was a art lover!

During previous visits I always longed to experience the art more quietly & intimately. This. is. it!!! 
Reserve your ticket online in advance. You can prepay online $25 or pay whatever you want when you arrive (although that line is longer) The line to have your temperature checked and get in took about 10 min.

So so amazing & inspiring. I’ve been trying to get back into oil painting and this visit was exactly what I needed! 
Also, one of my favorite paintings in the collection. What’s your favorite piece of art at the Met?