The Devastating Morning After

Morning came and much of Coney Island had been destroyed.  The beach torn to shreds and remains of homes, boats, industrial refrigerators covered the beach.  The rides were damaged from the salt water that swirled relentlessly into it’s gears.  A thick layer of disgusting muck covered everything.  Many of the cars on the street had been lifted and bashed into each other.  Some had bashed in windows because people who were trapped in their cars and the police had to rescue them in boats, breaking the windows to get them out.  Coney Island was truly devastated.

I took a heartbreaking walk down the Coney Island Beach to Sea Gate.  The remains of homes, boats, industrial refrigerators covered the beach.  These items were carried from far away by the tremendous power of this storm.  I even saw someone’s refrigerator which made it all the way to the Coney Island beach with a can of Sanka and two ice cube trays still inside.

Military helicopters swirled in the ominous clouds as the waves crashed with astounding force.

Beloved fragments of people’s lives were scattered along the sand.


I don’t know how it was possible that the entire corner of this brick home was torn away, into the ocean, yet the items in this person’s closet remained hung in their place.  Later in the day I was thinking about this heartbreaking image and thought of this story:

I imagine a gentleman installing those closet bars for a lovely lady and trying to impress her with the love & care he put into this task. He told her, “these closet bars will withstand 10,000 mile an hour waters from the most catastrophic hurricane”and used the most extra special wall sinkers from Home Depot, hoping to win her heart. Years later the waters of Hurricane Sandy carried away everything she owned except their love endured forever.

another image of this home.

This is the awful & surreal sight of a three car pile up inside someone’s home.

The former home of my Dreamland Roller Rink (the Child’s Building) appeared to be fine from the outside except a wood panel had been blown off revealing a pink curtain still left from my Roller Rink.  It was waving in the wind out of this hole in the building.