Surveying the Damage

So, I have good news and bad news….

Good news… The interior of my shop on the boardwalk miraculously has minimal damage.

Bad news…. The interior of my shop in Surf Ave is totaled. It’s hard to comprehend how the water did so much damage. The police told me there was a churning whirlpool of water about 6ft deep. My heart goes out to all my neighbors, some of who just opened, whose businesses were also destroyed.

But all in all… It could have been much worse. I am very thankful that my boardwalk shop has minimal damage. And we’ll work to rebuild my shop on Surf Ave.

My poor Surf Ave shop.  The water had churned everything so it was all pressing on the gate. We couldn’t even get it open. Finally we did & the soggy remains of the shop poured out.
This was the first thing I saw when we pryed the gate open just a crack…. Broken muddy heart shaped sunglasses in a muddy puddle. I knew then what I was about to witness once we got the door opened.