Starting from Scratch

When we cleared the entire  disgusting, mucky contents of my store out, I thought the worst was over….but I was wrong. I reached this high point of relief when my shop was clean & I envisioned being ready to start to rebuild. Then we realized that the nasty flood water had seeped into the walls and floor and all the drywall and floor needed to be torn out before mold started to grow inside.

I had this crazy dream that my friend, Jen, was bashing my store apart with a sledgehammer and I was cheering her on… oh wait…. that was real.  It was one of those moments when you marvel at the strange path life is taking you down.

One of the Lola Star heros! Vic worked a 12 hour shift as a police officer & then came all the way out to Coney Island to help me. His strength & advice is very appreciated!
These are some true friends!
Thanks to my amazing friends who were helping me today, rather than seeing this demolition as a horrible set back they helped me to see it with humor. They helped me set my sights on the brand new Lola Star boutique I’d build there again as we bashed the pink walls apart with a sledge hammer.