12 Year Old Filmmaker Prodigy & Fabulous Actress!

Evan is only 12 years old but talks about his new feature film like a seasoned professional filmmaker! His new masterpiece is a slasher film with a quirky romantic twist! When i remarked that it was amazingly ambitious for a 12 year old to undertake making a full length film, Evan shrugged his shoulders and gave me an “that’s nothin'” kind of look!

His new project will features his lovely friend, Siena, who will be playing the part of Jessie! They came to Lola Star to shop for the fabulous outfits Jessie will wear when they shoot in Coney Island!

After much consideration they decided on these two ensembles!

Evan gets his creative genius from his composer father, Daniel who is in the process of developing a brilliant musical adaptation of !  We had the honor of hearing some sneak peek tidbits of Daniel’s new project! He played us a few of the tracks he’s working on and they sound fantastic!

We can’t wait to hear more of Daniel’s work, see how young Evan’s film mastermind develops and see Siena shine on the silver screen!