Rockaway Poseidon Parade

Today!!! The Poseidon Parade will fill Rockaway Beach with mermaids, sea creatures & glittering nautical magic! The party is ON in Rockaway today! Come visit us at and check out the fabulous parade at noon! The parties all over Rockaway will rage into the night! Be there!!!

It’s a BEAUTIFUL day for the Poseidon Parade in Rockaway! Mermaids fill the boardwalk!!!

Rockaway Poseidon parade Love! ? by

This beautiful mermaid is the brilliant mind behind the workshop! After a summertime break I’m super excited to start taking her worship again & continue to develop my book about my 17 years in Coney Island! Claire is amazing! I highly recommend her workshop if you are interested in learning to write! She celebrated her birthday in glittering splendor at the Poseidon’s Parade yesterday!