Queens Duo of Fabulousness!

This fabulous duo from Queens waltzed into my shop like a ray of hot pink electricity! They absolutely loved everything in the shop and noticed all the little details that make my shop extra fabulous! We started talking and they revealed that they are the masterminds behind an empire of coolness in Queens! Gorgeous Katrina Chiovon started an incredible entertainment company called Vicio! She organizes parties, fashion shows and helps her man, Eddie Soarez book talent to teach at his brand new dance studio! Their Dance Studio 43 sounds like an amazing place with an eclectic array of fabulous classes! It is no wonder these fellow entrepreneurs totally vibed with the Lola Star world I’ve created in Coney Island!

Katrina is addicted to cuteness! So how could she possibly resist my brand new Mermaid riding a Unicorn tee!

I can’t wait to collaborate with this fabulous duo on an event that will blend the worlds of Coney Island and Queens into an electric extravaganza of magic!