New Year’s Day Party in Coney Island!

“It’s been scientifically measured that the cross roads of the world ROTATE from Times Square at midnight to Coney Island at noon. The center of the universe, is moved to Coney Island during the 12 hour earth rotation.”

Earlier today my friend Bruce Handy revealed this incredible discovery that we all suspected but it has finally been proven by scientists in very high tech labs.

“Come on down to the new cross road, at noon, New Year’s Day, watch the Polar Bears swim, party like it’s 2012!”

For most, the new year begins at midnight. However, Coney Island lovers believe the New Year doesn’t begin until that exhilerating moment when thousands of party people dive into the freezing cold ocean! I love to watch in delightful horror as thousands of wonderfully crazy party people jump into the freezing cold ocean while I sip hot coffee on the beach cheering them on!! Regardless of wether or not your decide to start your year off swimming with the Polar Bears or cheering them on from the beach with thousands of others, the Coney Island New Year’s Day Celebration is THE place to party this New Year’s Day!!

The Lola Star Boardwalk Boutique will be open & giving away a special New Year’s Day 2012 magnet!

This special, limited edition, commemorative magnet is FREE to anyone who started 2012 by swimming with the Polar Bears! For everyone else, we are giving it away for FREE with every purchase over $20!! This magnet will only be available on this one amazing day! While supplies last!!

The Polar Bears are one of the most fabulously fun, colorfully character-full, incredible groups on the planet! Their exuberant energy epitomizes Coney Island! They host this amazingly fun New Year’s Day party and raise money for Camp Sunshine.

New Year’s day isn’t the only time they swim in the freezing cold ocean! The Coney Island Polar Bears swim each and every Winter Sunday at 1PM! However, the New Years day swim is their biggest swim of the year! It has become a New York tradition that has grown to attract thousands of swimmers and observers!

For instructions about what to bring and where to go if you want to swim with the Polar Bears on New Year’s Day, or to find out more about the fabulous Coney Island Polar Bears 

and.. to view an incredible array of Coney Island Polar Bear Photos (the photographers are Polar Bears themselves), check out my friends  Most of the photos in this entry were taken by Bailey Photography!

The New Year’s Day celebration doesn’t end after the Polar Bear swim! It rages all day with the most fabulous festivities and fabulous dance party on the boardwalk!

There is something about the boards and the fresh sea air that induces the most incredible dance moves! 2011 was an amazing year for boardwalk dance moves! Don’t know what I’m talking about… then check out the  in my friend Jim McDonnell’s wonderful video! If watching it doesn’t inspire you to shake your booty on the boardwalk on New Year’s Day, I don’t know what would!

and if you want a lil more Coney Island groovin’, Check out his