New Era for Lola Star!!

Hurray!  I just finished designing a brand new sign for my new/old shop on the boardwalk!!  This is it’s world debut!!!

It’s the beginning of a new era for Lola Star!  New shops, new sign, new web site, new name!!  Some of you may have already noticed that the “Star” in my name is no longer spelled “Staar.”  To commemorate a new era in my business I am dropping one of the “a”s in Lola Staar!  Introducing…. a brand new Lola Star!!!!!

As you can imagine, the confusing two ‘a’s in Staar was quite a hassle.  Initially my business was called Lola Star.  When I was young, and not very savvy to the ways of the marketing and publicity world, I added an extra ‘a’ because I thought it sounded more glamorous to draw out the a in Star!!  Big mistake!   This extra ‘a’ caused endless confusion about the spelling of the name of my business!  Hence, I have decided to shed the extra ‘a’!!

I really do feel like it is the beginning of a new era for Lola Star.  I am so excited about my beautiful new sign, my TWO new shops, AMAZING new web site and new name!

Hurray for new beginnings for Lola Star and Coney Island!!!