NBC’s Hidden Camera TV Show filming in Coney Island!

You have to work pretty hard to *shock* someone in Coney Island! It is a place where the most absurdly unexpected is expected! This was the lesson that the NBC crew learned today! They were filming for Betty White’s hidden camera television show in Coney Island all day, trying to shock people on the boardwalk and secretly catch it on film! There were TV cameras hidden inside baby carriages all around the boardwalk! Conspicuous men with earphones covertly hidden beneath baseball hats were pushing the baby carriage cameras around! It was so hilarious to watch the expected unexpected unfold outside our doorway!

The NBC crew quickly learned that many of the absurd scenarios that exasperated folks outside Coney, went unnoticed against the backdrop of absurdity in Coney Island! One of the crew told me they needed to “ramp it up” for Coney because their planned pranks were not shocking enough for the Coney crowd! One of their hidden camera prank victims exclaimed “I see more ridiculous things on any random Tuesday on the boardwalk!”

The TV show’s pranks and the normal madness of Coney Island meshed indiscernibly! For instance… as one of the pranks unfolded, a total New York character, a man with a rainbow dyed poodle which he wheels around in a cart decorated in brightly colored lace and cree paper, a colorful Rainbow Brite outfit and live bird on his head somehow happened to noticed the cameras hidden in the baby carriages and decided to join in on the action by swirling his skirt and doing a dance around the actresses pulling the prank! The staged and unstaged absurdities blurred into one hilarious mesh of delight!

We can’t wait to see this hilarious show when it airs on NBC!

P.S. Later that night as I watched the artistic fashion shoot take place outside my door I was again reminded of the normal madness of Coney Island! The gorgeous, well endowed model was crouched in a strangely morbid, artistic pose, completely topless, on the boardwalk for at least a half an hour, barely moving (and it was c-c-cold to be naked on the boardwalk tonight!) as the photographer shot! I watched groups of people pass this topless gal. Many hardly glanced, some stopped to take photos of her nudity with their phones, but mostly it was business as usual in Coney Island!