Natalie ❤ Frank

Since moving to Brooklyn in 2001, Natalie’s favorite place in the world has been Coney Island. When she met her future-husband, Frank, in 2006, she couldn’t wait to share her passion with him. Her favorite place also became his.

Over the next few years, the two shared several amazing dates there including fireworks on the beach, invading photobooths, eating pistachio ice cream, riding the Cyclone, attending baseball games, and marching in the Mermaid Parade.

Eventually, the couple got engaged and decided upon the Coney Island Museum as the venue for their wedding ceremony on October 4, 2008. They even shot their wedding photos a month prior (with photographer Rose Callahan), to coincide with the very last day of Astroland’s existence.

The wedding was a fantastic affair.  The museum, already decked out with antique bumper cars and fun house mirrors, was made more festive with Christmas lights and a candy buffet.  The ceremony itself featured a light-up bouquet, hi-fives, untraditional attire, and a musical interlude of the Nick Cave song, “Into Your Arms”.  But a favorite moment for the two was when there was a technical glitch during the recessional music and the entire crowd sang “Be My Baby” instead of it playing over the speakers. Immediately following the ceremony and short reception, Natalie, Frank, and several guests took an impromptu ride on the Wonder Wheel to make things feel “official.”

Natalie and Frank also had their wedding bands custom made in silver with imprints of sand, shell, and a small sliver of boardwalk gathered from Coney Island, so that Coney will always be an important part of their love and their lives together.