Missing Shimmer

In honor of International Dog Day  and Women’s Equality Day we present Lola & Shimmer:

Eternal best friends who have been spreading love & joy in Coney Island for 20 years…. and who will continue, despite the challenges we face, to shine here! As you may know, our beloved shop doggie extraordinaire passed away in May at almost 15. Shimmer LOVED Coney Island. And she loved our Shop.

I know she would want me to continue to be strong and fight for it. So, in her honor, and in honor of all the women struggling for equality,

I will continue to fight to save my shop. I’ll continue to try to ask the Mayor, the Mayor’s office, Mark Treyger to prevent their tenant, Luna Park, from needlessly destroying the business Shimmer & I worked so hard to create. So I can continue to fill Coney Island with love, creativity & joy. I refuse to give up!