Lola’s Trip to Japan!

Totally getting into this Japan thing!!! ???

Robot restaurant tonight! ????????

Visiting my good friend of many decades, Hello Kitty, at Sanrio’s amusement park, Puroland!!!

Lunch at the Hello Kitty Amusement Park!!!! Pink curry “My Melody” with a rice face, pink nan ears, nori eyes & star samosa-esque thing hidden under the bow as an extra surprise!! OMG!!!! ???

Somewhere over the rainbow in Hello Kitty Land! ????

I brought boots that proved not to be waterproof on this rainy trip to Tokyo! Perfect excuse to score the iridescent pastel rainbow glitter boots I’ve been lusting after! Waterproof & sparkly!

Goodby Japan! Heading back to NY with Harajuku rainbows filling my mind, so inspired by the quirky, beautifully, colorful magic you embody!