Lola Star on News 12

Look for me on News 12 today  talking about my 10 month long struggle to save my beloved Lola Star Coney Island!

The City of New York owns this land! They purchased it for millions of taxpayer dollars in 2009 to preserve the spirit of Coney Island. My colorful, creative shop full of my handmade art embodies the spirit of Coney Island! My landlord, Luna Park has been given an extremely generous deal from the city.

There is no reason for them to exploit my small business. Especially now, during a pandemic & Economic crisis. On City owned land. Please ask Mark Treyger and Speaker Corey Johnson  to not stand by and let a small, Female owned, artist owned business be needlessly destroyed during this economic crisis.

As small businesses close across the City this is one business they have the power to save. Please ask the mayors office to keep their promise. This is a time when the community of Coney Island needs to come together and not be torn apart by greed! Check out my interview on News 12 for more.