Lola Star Nail Polishes

Lola star nails polishes are a nontoxic nail polish. Many polish brands use harmful chemicals to harden, not Lola Star. Threw smart science out colors have no harmful effects on your body. Other polishes can’t say the same. They contain chemicals that can leech into your sick and have awful effects!

along with the polishes not causing any harm to you they also cause not harm for animals. Being both non animal tested and vegan they are a guilt free polish.

The Lola Star polishes use some smart science to harden. They are mostly made of water. This means after 2-3 minutes they are dry to the touch and after just afew more moments they are fully dry with a glass like shine.

So I was able to try out one of these awesome polishes for myself. Freak Show a stunning bright green was my pick. I both took the polish to a Nail salon and Tried applying it myself.

At the nail salon the slightly more watery texture confused the girl doing my nails. Soon she loved the color and how quickly it dried. I was also able to leave much faster because I did not need to use a UV light machine to let them dry.

When I got home I was so I love with the color I had to do my toes in it. Normally I have an awful time doing my own nails, they come out super streaky. That was not the case with the Lola Star polish. The more liquid texture made it glide on better for me. The streaked also seemed to become less and less as the polish dried. I’m in love with the results! This is the prefect polish for at home nails!

Over all I Love my Lola star polish and can’t wait to try my bottle of Mermaid Day out. Bright colors and guilt free!

Just a few of my favorites Freak show with no top coat. This is just how the color drys! Freak show bottle