Lola Star is Officially BACK on the Boardwalk!!

HURRAY!!  Today I entered my boardwalk boutique for the first time in over one year!

As the gates were rolling up my heart beat with anticipation!  I expected my first glimpse of my former/future shop to be a great shock, a huge surprise.  The gate went crashing up to reveal the (still) pink walls and emptied home of the Lola Star Souvenir Boutique!  The first sight of my shop in over a year felt so natural… like it was meant to be!!  It really was not a shock at all.  It felt like coming home.

After Thor Equities senselessly kicked me out of my shop I boycotted the entire East Section of Coney Island due to my broken heart.  I was so sad, I could not even go near my vacant, boarded up shop.  I finally ended my boycott midway through the summer in order to see my friends next-door at Ruby’s.  However, I still could not look at the shop.  It was just too painful. I really never thought I would walk into my beloved shop ever again…. and now here I am!!!   I am so trilled to be back!

The above photo is my “before” photo!  Stay tuned as I post progress photos and updates of my shop’s transformation back into a magical pink wonderland!!