Lola Staar's Top 10 Albums of the decade!!

Inspired by all the end of decade countdowns, I decided to craft one of my own!

I seriously researched and labored over my picks but the results seem quite obvious now that I have concluded!  All of these albums shine as some of the decades most innovative, creative and enlightening aural creations!   The tone of this list is surprisingly somber and introspective- with some M.I.A, White Stripes and Amy Winehouse to spice things up!

1.  Arcade Fire- Funeral

2.  Radiohead- Kid A

3.  Sigur Ro’s- ( )

4.  The White Stripes- Elephant

5.  Arcade Fire- Neon Bible

6.  M.I.A- Arular

7.  U2-  All That You Can’t Leave Behind

8.  Bjork- Vespertine

9.  Elliott Smith- Figure 8

10.  Amy Winehouse- Back to Black

Music plays an essential role in all that I do.  It is integral in the environment I cultivate in my shop and roller rink!  It inspires my designs and dreams!  I hope the music on this list will inspire you to swoon in dreams of the sparkling decade ahead!!  Hurray for the terrific 2010’s!!

Here’s a few Honorable Mentions:

  • The Shins- Oh Inverted World
  • Ryan Adams-  Heartbreaker
  • Les Savy Fav-  Go Forth
  • Arctic Monkeys-  Whatever People Say That’s What I’m Not
  • Bat for Lashes-  Two Suns
  • Animal Collective-  Merriweather Post Pavilion
  • Iron & Wine-  Shepherds Moon
  • Depeche Mode- Playing the Angel
  • LCD Soundsystem-  Sound of Silver
  • MGMT-  Oracular Spectacular