Little Hula Hooping Prodigy Discovered at Lola Star!!

Introducing…. Chloe, little hooping star extraordinaire!!

Chloe had no idea that the reason her mom suggested she wear this adorable purple fluffy skirt during their girls afternoon on the town was because she was about to be presented with a matching furry HULA HOOP!  Her mom took her to Lola Star Soho to surprise her with this incredible custom made furry hoop!  Chloe was thrilled the moment she saw her wonderful gift!  With a serious look in her eyes which only the most fabulous hula hooping pros posess, she grabbed the hoop and immediately started to hoop like a star!  Her adorable curls were bouncing to the beat as the hoop made glittering circles around her!!  We were already impressed with Chloe’s incredible hooping skills but then she busted out with her amazing hoop dance moves!  THEN Chloe reached for a second hoop and started hooping with TWO hula hoops (and one hoop was the furry hoop which makes it extra difficult!!)  Amazing!!

We can’t wait to see Chloe’s hooping skills and moves flourish!  She truly is a little star!!

P.S.  It is no wonder that Chloe posses such style, spunk and pazzazz, her mom is the  featured earlier this month!!