Lifetime Buds with Abe Lincoln!

The instant Andy from DC saw this Abe Lincoln pencil topper he knew it was meant to be! He knew that this is what had been missing from his life thus far and that things would never be the same! He was grinning ear to ear as he purchased his kitschy treasure. I had to ask what he was planning to do with it and why his life was now complete because of this little plastic object! He said he didn’t exactly know why fate had led him to this moment. And wasn’t exactly certain what he’d do with it. However, he professed with great certainty that he and the Abe Lincoln pencil topper would be together for the rest of his life! He walked out of the shop with Abe proudly displayed and an inspired sparkle in his step! I was reminded how rewarding it is to change lives one kitschy treasures at a time!