Keeping up the Fight

I’m going to be honest with you guys…. it’s so hard to stay positive and keep dreaming when our future is so uncertain.

In addition to struggling to keep my business afloat financially during the pandemic we STILL are in danger of being kicked out of Coney Island by Luna Park. Last week they asked us to take pity on them and leave our beloved shop of 20 years. They made it clear they are determined to kick us out despite the fact that we have offered them 10% of our gross revenue.

This offer was difficult to make because we’ve never given a percentage of our business to a landlord. I built this business independently, from nothing, with all my heart and soul.

It felt like extortion for them to threaten me to start giving them a percentage of my revenue or I would loose my shop…….but I made that offer to try to keep my beloved shop. It is a very generous offer considering Luna Park only pays 5% of their revenue and 100K for ALL of the land they rent from the City of New York.