Keep Calm and Coney On

Coney Island is known for it’s dazzling thrills & excitement. However, there is another side to Coney Island. In the heart of the colorful frenzy there is a blissful, playful calm with a twist of exotic magic. This brand new designs by Lola Star celebrates Coney Island role as an escape not only from the hectic city life, but also the escape from the banal normalness which sometimes plagues day to day life. This tee is dedicated to those who escape to the sandy shores of Coney Island to chill out, think, meditate, do yoga, or just sit and gaze out at the sparking ocean. Certainly in these days of post Sandy stress, Coney Island’s ability to provide calm and peace has become more crucial than ever.

So in the midst of all the stress of daily life, this “Keep Calm and Coney On” , , , , or will be a constant reminder to keep that playful Coney Island calm and peace inside your heart at all times!

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