Jane ❤ Bill

I met Bill on Memorial Day 2008 in Long Island while visiting a friend. We hit it off immediately, talked on the phone but didn’t have our first date til the beginning of June. That night, I asked him to come home with me and was shocked when he turned me down!?! Turned out he didn’t want what he thought I was suggesting which is a one-night stand.

He next met me at the Mermaid Parade. I’d told him about the event and how excited I was about dressing up and marching and overall awesomeness of the day. So I am marching along and not til I’m on surf making my way toward judging booth that I look over and there he is!! Dressed like Gilligan, so adorable.

He took me to lunch at bar by KeySpan Park, then followed me home and we made sweet love all night long. Thank you sparkly mermaid dress and red flowing wig! We are stll together and I have since moved to Long Island. We go to Coney for film festival (infamous midnight screening of the Warriors, Mermaid Parades and more.

Love you Coney Island!!