Introducing Vinny, A Yoga Instructor & Holistic Health Coach Who’s Goal Is BLISS

Vinny was a former overweight, shy, closeted boy with shoulders turned in usually looking at the ground and letting other people make his decisions for him. Now a man who manifests health and strength for himself, his communities, and the world!

He believes in the transformative powers of Yoga and the healing and strengthening powers of a holistic health maintenance, connecting to and understanding our beautiful and powerful bodies and minds!!

Vinny loves to share.

& Now we are excited to share some of Vinny’s best tips with you!

“WE ALL KNOW eating more leafy greens, plants, and drinking more water, while eating less processed chemicalized junk will make us feel good.

But its not always the easiest of choices to make.

Recipes are great and I’ll post my favorites throughout.

What I want to share are some tricks I’ve used to make the switch from ingredients I could not pronounce and food that hurt my body to nutritious yummy clean strengthening foods!

1. Mindset. Let’s break it down! Nutrients come from things other than food!

You know that feeling you have after finishing a fitness class, going a run or a sweaty dance party, or the cozy supported feeling you get when you are with your family or good friends, when you feel great about the work you are doing be it your career or your artistic side hustle, or the euphoria of sitting and meditating on one thing (I like to think about the Body!)

These things have huge effects on us at a cellular level affecting our brains.

Keep them in mind, as imbalances here lead to negative or careless decisions in other parts of our lives. Awareness is Key. Deciphering that we feel lonely and not hungry can lead us to put down the bag of chocolates or the third serving of food and go ask our housemate or neighbor for a hug and some chill time!”

So, lets start off this week focusing on this first simple tip from Vinny. BALANCE what makes you feel good – don’t allow your only comfort in the day to come from meals.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from Vinny! We’ll be sharing some of his yummiest, most nutritious recipes! (that are totally safe to crave and eat all the time, YAY!) 

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