International Dog day

In honor of International Dog Day I’m sharing something really close to my heart. A message that has inspired me daily and motivates me to overcome the deep heartbreak and challenges I’m currently facing.

After Shimmer passed away I spoke to an animal communicator. I’ve never done this before but I was having such a difficult time I decided to give it a try.

Almost as soon as we began she laughed and with a slight question in her voice said “Shimmer feels like the two of you are…. business partners??” I immediately realized she was right. As you may know, Shimmer went everywhere with me. Every day. She was always at every store, roller rink, the studio I’ve created. It never occurred to me until that moment that she considered us to be business partners. But she definitely did .

I tearfully agreed and she went on.

She said Shimmer was really proud of the world we created together. She said that Shimmer wanted me to know that I always focus on the joy that she brought to the world. But she wanted me to know that she felt like she was just mirroring me and the joy & love I spread. She felt like we were partners in spreading joy. Through our shops, roller rinks, every walk down the street. Partners in spreading joy.