How Art Saved Coney Island 

Coney Island went into a steep decline around 1964. In 1965 coney stated burning and a series of fires continued for the following decade. In the early 1980s (Coney Islands lowest point) a group of passionate artist were drawn to Coney Island with dreams that their art was going to restore the neighborhood. Drawing inspiration from Coney Islands past, they gave Coney Island a future! With productions such as Madam Lily’s aging World in Wax museum, the Sprookhouse, and an”art house” amusement park ride. As the 80s progressed Coney grew into what we now know and love! Full of sideshows by the sea, the Marmaid Parade, and Burlesque shows Coney Island was here to stay! City Lores gallery is open from 2pm-6pm Wednesdays through Friday’s and 12pm-6pm on the weekends! You can find more information .