Happy Birthday To Our Fab Sign!

Happy 9th Birthday to our fabulous Lola Star sign! This fab design was hand drawn by Lola and features a portrait of her and the reflection of Coney Island glittering in the reflection of her heart shaped sunglasses! We believe that it’s cool local art like our sign that make Coney Island a unique place to visit! The boardwalk should never be full or generic corporate signage or imagery cranked out of an art department.

It should always be full of the creative heart and soul which our shop embodies! We hope the City of New York will appreciate this and develop this land purchased with your taxpayer dollars, to maintain the character, heart and soul! We like to think our glittering uniqueness, although only 7 feet wide, contribute enormous amount Magic to the Coney Island experience despite our small physical size!

We hope to win this battle and continue glitter with love, creativity and magic on the boardwalk for decades to come! Long live the small business heart and soul of Coney Island!!!!!!