Happy 9th Anniversary in Coney Lite- Brite!

Happy 9th Birthday to our world famous Coney Island Lite-Brite!
It was late afternoon, 9 years ago, on a hot, crazy Saturday at the height of summer in Coney Island!

I was working at my boardwalk shop when a woman walked up to me and said “I have a crazy question for you.”

When you’ve been working on the Coney Island boardwalk, like I had, for over a decade, you know. When someone comes up to you on a hot, crazy Saturday afternoon and says “I have a crazy question for you” you brace yourself. Because it LITERALLY could be almost any insane scenario!

She went on to explain that she was the art director for a fancy, fashionable shop in Manhattan. They had the lite-brite custom made for a window display out of authentic lite-brite pieces which they bought off eBay. But then when the display was finished they didn’t need it anymore….. so she gave it to me for FREE!