Twenty years ago I bought this amazing sweater/work of art from a little booth at the Union Square Holiday Gift Market! 

Some of you may recall, when I began my tee shirt line I had a booth in that Holiday Market for 10 consecutive years! The first year I did the market I had the great fortune of my Lola Star booth being located across the isle from the amazing ladies of Sample Line. These incredible artists created each hand made piece as a unique one of a kind item. 

Both of us started our grassroots businesses at the same time with nothing but immense creativity and hard work. We have stayed in touch through the years sharing our small business struggles, triumphs, disappointments and lessons. 

Today I rocked this gorgeous Sample Line piece from 20 years ago & had the most wonderful time catching up with Aimee G Designs,and sharing the current challenges we both face at Matthew Kenney’s new raw restaurant @sutra.mkc that just opened a few days ago! His former raw restaurant, Pure foods and wines (which he opened but left the partnership before all the drama that led to its downfall) was both of our all time favorite restaurant (RIP PF&W)

So we were thrilled that MK just opened a new raw restaurant in NYC! Their food was pure vegan bliss! Everything they serve is vegan & raw. They don’t even have a stove or oven in the restaurant. Pure culinary magic! Check it out!