Glitter Tattoos

Anyone who knows me knows I love glitter. Anything that sparkles I want. All the knobs in my bed room are painted with red glitter and my cell phone has more rhinestones than you can believe. So when I was told I’d be doing glitter tattoos I was beyond excited! The first thing I did when I opened the case of glitter was to put it in rainbow order.

I love sitting a customer down and helping them pick their tattoo. I get to talk to them for the few minutes it takes to get them on. Once a group of four amazing ladies came in and got to hear all about how one lived all over the world.

I love the way kids eyes light up when I tell them the tattoos are made of fairy dust. I also love seeing how creative everyone is with there color choices.

People get all different tattoos for all different reasons. A good luck charm, to express a love for animals, to show they are best friends and even just to add sparkle to there day.

Since the glitter tattoos are so easy to personalize I feel like I never do the same one twice! Some customers have a clear idea what they want and I do my best give them their vision. Other’s ask me to do what I think will look best. I love how it lets both me and the client be creative. Since they last a week I do get repeat customers. The one who comes the most is me!

When ever we get in a new batch of tattoos or I even just do a new one it is like my birthday! I just love covering myself in my sparkly pieces of art. They make even the cloudiest day in Coney Island sparkle!

A lovely group of glitter girls A pair of girls who not need glitter to sparkle. Kiska and Key really brightened up my day. I love sparrows this is one of my fav glitter tattoos This is how the magic happens! The book of wonders!

?? The Glitter Fairy