Gigantic Lite Brite Skyline Surprise!

In Coney Island when someone comes into your shop and says “I have a really crazy question for you”  you brace yourself and await whatever bazaar scenario will unfold next!  A question like that is an inevitable transition into an interesting interaction!  So when Lisa walked into my shop and asked that question I was not expecting her to continue with… “I have this gigantic six foot Lite Brite which features the skyline of Coney Island and I want to give it to you!  Do you want it?”  Of course my immediate reaction was a resounding “YES!!!!!!!!!!”

Lisa Chamberlin is a Visual Display Genius!  She designs window displays that are not only delightful eye candy, they also have inspiring messages behind them!  Here is another piece that she created with local Brooklyn artist, Erika deVries!  I love the inspiring concept in this one!

This magnificent Lite Brite Skyline of Coney Island was formerly on display in a store window in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan!   Here is the Lite Brite in it’s former home!

and here it is moments after it’s arrival to it’s Brand new home at Lola Star on the Coney Island boardwalk!!!

Lisa absolutely adores Coney Island.  She has always felt inspired by the magic in the Coney Island air!  As soon as she decided to create this gigantic Lite Brite, she knew it had to feature the magical Coney Island skyline illuminated by hundreds of authentic Lite Brite pegs!

The airplane soaring above the sklyline of Coney Island in this piece exclaims “be here now.”  Lisa said it took her awhile to figure out what to write on the banner.  She knew it had to be the perfect saying!  Inspiration always comes in the most unexpected ways!  The idea came to her on a sunny afternoon when she twisted the cap off a bottle and it read “Be Here Now.”  She instantly knew that this was the saying she wanted to feature on the Coney Island Lite Brite!   She still has that fateful cap taped to her refrigerator!!

This message “Be Here Now”  is so perfect because it is very relevant to something I have personally been trying to focus on!  I feel like for so long I’ve been totally caught up in fighting to perserve Coney Island, fearing the future, etc. That I’ve found myself not really living in the present Coney Island.  I’ve been trying to be more present in the Coney island of the today and not so obsessed with the future direction.   It is a magical reminder to me and all of us … To *be* more present and appreciate the present in Coney Island or wherever you are!

So, then our challenge was figuring out how to install this gigantic piece!  However, we are so lucky that it was nothing our fabulous handyman, Tom, couldn’t solve with ease!  Here he is installing the Lite Brite!

It looks absolutely magnificent!  Each and every time I look up at it, I am so stunned and delighted by the wonderful miracle that this gorgeous piece found it’s home at the fabulous world of Lola Star!!

Stay tuned for details about our Lite Brite Unveiling Party with pink champagne, sugar cookies and the amazing designer Lisa making a very special guest of honor appearance!

HURRAY!!!!!  And THANK YOU, Lisa!!!!!