From my Head…..To your closet!


How does a tee shirt design go from a dream in my head to your closet?

I start by sketching my ideas using my iPad, Apple Pencil, and an app called ! Previously I would sketch with Prismacolor pencils on on paper but now I LOVE Procreate!

I also love that the iPad allows me to sketch anywhere. My favorite brainstorming activity is to go out for a vegan meal & glass of wine, alone, and sketch. I created the drawing for this design, sitting outside, eating vegan pizza at Double zero MK. Good music is essential during this part of the process. Actually…. good music is essential to the entire artistic process! Lol! I usually listen to down tempo electronic music when I create.  Tycho Music is one of my faves to listen to while creating!

From a dream in my head, to a life with you & your brilliant existence. It is such an honor to have a piece of myself and my creativity become a part of your life. I love scrolling through social media and randomly finding one of my designs “in the wild” living life with you! It’s like a child that ventures off into the world. You breathe a new life and meaning into what began as an idea in my head!