Foster pups living their best lives

I’ve finally submitted to being the crazy dog lady I’ve always wanted to be!
As I’ve been processing the great loss of my dog, Shimmer Star, my home has been filled with the most beautiful puppy love all summer long thanks to @haarescue!

I couldn’t stand not having a dog but I’m not ready to adopt yet. So for the past 4 months I’ve been fostering the most adorable little puppies! Heavenly Angels Rescue saves dogs from a shelter in Georgia who would otherwise be killed. About every month they transport a big van load of dogs to freedom and a life full of love in NYC. 

I try to set up a doggie spa like 
Atmosphere in my apt because when they arrive they are always very scared, traumatized and exhausted. Over the next few weeks I help them overcome this fear and adjust to living their new life. We work on training & I take them to Coney Island, Prospect Park, happy hour at @industrycity and more to help them adjust.

Through your connections on Instagram, neighbors and within the community I’ve built around my businesses I’ve been able to find all of them wonderful homes!

My current foster, Sammy, goes to his new home tomorrow! People always tell me they could never foster because they would become too attached and that it would be too difficult to send them off. I do miss them. But the happiness you feel seeing them in their joyful & loving new homes totally outweighs the loss. And knowing that there’s another little pup that needs your help easing into their new lives keeps me fostering. 

I love fostering and highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t certain or ready to adopt. I’m happy to answer any questions if you are considering it. Or you can contact Heavenly Angels Rescue directly. 

So to my summer puppy loves… Tobin, Brooke, Vance and Sammy…. thank you for helping me through this crazy time! It’s definitely true what they say about rescues rescuing you as much as you rescue them. They are and endless source of joy, love and fun! And thank you to Heavenly Angels Rescue for this opportunity and for giving me such cuties to foster!