Fireworks Everywhere!

There are a lot of posts about conspiracy theories around the constant fireworks in NYC. But I guarantee, my conspiracy theory is the absolute best in town.

As you all know, I’ve been really struggling with Shimmer’s death. After she passed I spoke to an animal communicator. I was slightly reluctant. And not sure I believed. But, despite that suspension of belief, the things she told me have provided me with a great deal of comfort. She supposedly spoke to Shimmer’s Spirit and told me many incredible things.

One of the things I’ve struggled with is this idea that Shimmer will still be with me. Everyone says “she will still be with you.” After her death I urgently needed guarantees. Solid information about where & how this would transpire. This urgency and my lack of solid beliefs about the afterlife created a spiritual crisis. I was suddenly free falling inside this void, not knowing what I believed about life after death. But urgently and desperately in need of answers.

I’ll share more of what the Animal Communicator told me later. But one of the things I asked her to ask Shimmer was this desperate question of how she would still be with me. This conversation was about a month ago. Long before the fireworks craze in NYC. She told me that one of the ways Shimmer would reveal herself to me was in fireworks.

And then…. suddenly, the night sky is illuminated in constant fireworks every single night.

Photo by Norman Blake