Finding inspiration through the hard times

Lately I’ve felt this conviction, almost an obligation, to be more colorful! Has this happened to anyone else?

How does the way you visually express yourself change when your mouth is covered with a mask? When the world is in disarray and there is this massive tornado of shifting energy, change, transformation happening. How does the way you express yourself through fashion change? As a designer I’m fascinated and truly challenged by these questions.

I’ve done a tremendous amount of quarantine soul searching and grappling with the grief of the loss of my best friend . One result of all of this soul exploration has been an increase in my commitment to spread joy in the world. That is my purpose. That is how I’ve decided I want to contribute to the current shifting change in the universe. In the limited scope of what I can do as an individual in the massive sea of humanity I’ve decided that spreading love, compassion and joy is my purpose.