Fighting the good fight!

Working on writing a petition to save my boardwalk shop. It’s mind blowing to me that on my shops 20th anniversary, I’m fighting with the City, with the elected officials, trying to convince them that my business is worth stepping in to save. That Lola Star Coney Island is an important contributor to the redevelopment of Coney Island. 

I’ve always had this silly dream that one day I’d be an old lady on the boardwalk and that I’d be honored for a life of contributions to Coney Island. I dreamed of a ceremony. Maybe a Street named in my honor…
NEVER did I think I’d be unceremoniously kicked out by my neighbor, Luna Park, while the City of NY stood by and tried to create the illusion that they were helping but the reality of it is that they are refusing to help. 

I walked down Maison Ave a few days ago. And the number of commercial vacancies was shocking. The amount of commercial vacancies in NYC is tremendous. Yet the New York Economic Development Corporation, an organization whose goal *should* be the Economic development of this city, is standing by and allowing my business to be needlessly destroyed on City owned land. At a time when my community of Coney Island needs my business and our positive contributions the most. But they do not understand or value those contributions. 

The EDC sent me a letter on Friday gaslighting me into believing I am in the wrong here. They are twisting the truth to build this claim. The City is against me. They seem to believe Coney Island would be better off if I vacated my shop. Or maybe they feel like so many dreams are being crushed right now what’s one more. 

Today I’m holding onto that silly dream of being an old lady, with pink hair still rocking Betsey Johnson dresses and roller skates, on the boardwalk. After spending decades creating magic on the Coney Island boardwalk I’m holding onto the dream that I’ll be honored for my role and contributions in the Coney Island community. I refuse to let their shortsighted greed destroy that dream. 

So I need your help. Later today I’m launching a petition and email campaign to urge the City to step in to help me save my shop. Stay tuned for details.