Fabulous Fashion Shoot During East Coast Earthquake

Wow!  What an exciting and fun day yesterday was!

We were so enthralled in our fabulous Lola Star tee shirt photo shoot in Coney Island, we hardly noticed the earthquake that shook the East Coast… in fact…. we didn’t notice at all!  As far as i could tell, the earthquake seemed to go almost completely unnoticed in the Coney Island Amusement area and boardwalk!   I guess we are so use to the Earth spinning & shaking in extraordinary ways in Coney Island!  Our gorgeous model and fabulous photographer were actually ON the Wonder Wheel shooting Lola Star fashion photos during the earthquake!  It was rumored that the Wonder Wheel swayed during the quake, but they didn’t notice a thing out of the ordinary extraordinary sway of the cars on the Wonder Wheel!

Here are some behind the scenes photos from our fabulous day and sneak peeks into our incredible new collection of Lola Star fashion photos!

Hair stylin’ for our fabulous shoot! Shooting on the beach! Shooting at the Wonder Wheel! Moments before their fateful earthquake ride! Shimmer’s idea of Art Directing! Digging a big ole’ hole! Flower Delight hair style courtesy of pin up hair style expert, Kita St. Cyr! I slipped a cotton candy seller a few dollars to borrow his stock for a few minutes for this   enchant-a-licious shot! Shooting at Dreamland with skates and pink ice cream cone!

Hurray!  I can’t wait to post the photos from then shoot!!