Elimination Diet Tip

So, last week we focused on balancing all areas in our life, taking a holistic approach to improving our health.

Vinny’s second tip for this week is all about food and diet. 

2. Food: 

First: Getting clear on how a particular food makes you feel. 

Maybe coffee make you jittery, dairy makes you gassy, or bread and pastas makes you sluggish, sugar.. woof.. lets not even go there, that stuff can get addictive, worse than cocaine 😮

Best way I have found to get clear here is elimination diets: Go 3-4 weeks with 100% elimination of a particular food group you suspect is having a negative effect on your life. Then reintroduce and note the effects on your body. This way you can make an informed decision on what Does Your Body Good!!

Story time: I eliminated gluten, and after a month off, I reintroduced and noticed my chest-ne and back-ne flaring up. FOR YEARS I thought my sometimes bloody and pussy outbreaks were just because I was a greasy hairy italian. NOPE! it was the gluten. Case closed!”


Thinking about making a big change like going Gluten Free or Vegan forever may be difficult to imagine all at once but, allow yourself to go 3-4 weeks without a particular food group like Vinny mentioned. You can so do that, I believe in you! You will soon learn to make the wiser decisions in favor of your body. It can be a struggle but, eventually your body will start craving the newer, healthier foods too. 


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