Dreamland rolLer disco in the pages of vogue!

I’m so tremendously honored that the legendary dance floor, fashion & street photographer Dustin pop attended my Shimmer Disco party at Dreamland roller Disco on Friday! He is famous for taking many of the iconic photos at Studio 54 which are on display right now at the Brooklyn museum as well as his incredible fashion photography.

Since Dustin was a regular at Studio 54 and many other legendary dance floors through the years, he KNOWS a good party! Which is why it is even more of a tremendous honor that he LOVED Dreamland & meeting all of you gorgeous skaters! I’m seriously so thrilled and honored! Thank you so much, Dustin! Check out his Instagram for more fab photos from my Shimmer Disco honoring fabulous little Shimmer Star! And check out the Studio 54 Night Magic Show at the Brooklyn Museum. Photo by the amazing Dustin Pop!