Designing Coney Souvenirs!

I love designing souvenirs. Objects infused with the memory of your experience. Vessels of potential that you infuse with your unique memory & meaning. And then the object becomes uniquely yours. A time machine capsule of your memories. Each design acts like a magnet for different memories.

I think about the memories I’m attracting as I design. I love the way you are attracted to different objects because of the memory and meaning they spark in you. And after spending 20 years owning Lola Star Coney Island on the boardwalk I’ve had the tremendous honor of hearing so many of those experiences…. so many incredible stories.

Souvenirs get this bad rep as being cheesy or the lowest form of art & expression. But I feel like they are one of the most beautiful objects to design. I am honored that my art becomes a capsule of your cherished memories. And each time you look at this object It brings you back to another place and time. Or reminds you of a special person. Forever infused with whatever meaning you bestow upon it. Elevating it into existing as this souvenir of your life experience. Alive with magic & meaning.