Dear Dreamland Skaters and Coney Lovers,

It breaks my heart to have to tell you this.

Dreamland Roller Rink will not be celebrating our third season inside the beautiful Childs Building in Coney Island.  To my surprise, I just found out that the owners of the building have decided not to allow Dreamland Roller Rink to continue illuminating their space with roller skating bliss!!   It is a shame not only for myself and the business I’ve built there, but also for the Coney Island and Roller Skating communities.  It was amazing to have this fabulous historical landmark building, which had been dormant and abandoned for so long, active and full of life.  I am afraid that now it will once again be boarded up and vacant for quite some time.

I am so tremendously proud of the fabulous place that Dreamland Roller Rink was.  It’s magic amazes me every single time I walked through the door.  I had some of the most incredible roller skating times and met some of the most incredible people in this space.   I deeply cherish that experience.  Thank you to everyone who made the dream of Dreamland Roller Rink a reality.   It truly was the most magical place in which I’ve ever set foot (or skate!).

I will miss all of  Dreamland Roller Rink’s fabulous skaters so much.  Please visit me at my fabulous Lola Star Souvenir Boutique on the boardwalk, and at my brand new Lola Star Surf Shop on Surf Ave inside the Stilwell Ave Subway Station in Coney Island.

Please sign up for our email list to receive notifications about the opening of our new Rink and the exciting Roller Skating parties we will be throwing in various bars and rinks across the country until then!

Again, I am very, very sorry to disappoint you with this news.  Hopefully this is not the end, but a new beginning for Dreamland Roller Rink!


Lola Star