Dazzling Dress Up Man and his Rainbow Poodle!!

You know it’s going to be a magical day when you see the Dazzling Dress Up Man and his Rainbow poodle! Dresses in full glitter, ruffle regalia, he only appears to strut his stuff on the streets of NYC on the sunniest, most colorful days!

This day-glow duo often grace the Coney Island boardwalk with their technicolor presence!

Last week we spotted him at the Chinatown New Year Parade! He crashed the parade and stole the show from the lone M&M riding in the back of a convertible!

It’s phenomenons of pizzazz like the Dazzling Dress Up Man and his Rainbow Poodle that keep the flavor and fabulousness in New York City!


This eye candy entry opened the door to unraveling the mystery of the Dazzling Dress up Man (Thanks to Lauren Martin)….introducing…Oswaldo Gomez (aka Ms. Columbia)  and his poodle Carino!  Check out these links to see more fabulous photos and learn more about this colorful NYC character…..